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Dr. Matt Brown

Welcome to Nutri-Doc!


Our mission is to provide you with practical, evidence-based information for even better health. Evidence clearly indicates that your dietary and exercise choices can either heal you or harm you. Food and exercise are indeed medicine!.   


Nutri-Doc also represents Juice Plus+, the world's most extensively researched nutritional product of its kind. Since Juice Plus+ is a whole food based concept and is supported by solid research published in peer reviewed journals, such as The Journal of the American College of Cardiology (the official journal of the American College of Cardiology) and Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine), Dr. Brown gives Juice Plus+ an exclusive endorsement. Dr. Brown's schedule of lectures for nutrition and Juice Plus+ will be posted on the home page of this website.



Over the last 7 years, Dr. Matt Brown has spoken to thousands of people in locations all over North America and Hawaii. Besides speaking he continues to research various areas of diet and lifestyle and offer consultative services focused on prevention. He has a specific area of interest in digestion and digestive challenges. Dr. Matt Brown’s credentials include:


• Currently practicing hospital medicine

• Is board certified and recertified in internal medicine

• Has an undergraduate degree from Emory University

• Has a Doctor of Medicine from the Medical College of Georgia

• Did his Internship at the Naval Hospital in San Diego

• Completed his Residency at Duke University Medical Center

• Served in the U.S. Navy for eleven years, including five years abroad in Naples, Italy and Cairo, Egypt

• Co-authored a number of publications in well respected medical journals.


Dr. Brown is an avid recreational athlete. In his uniquely humorous & energetic style, he delivers cutting edge information on nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices designed to empower you to take even better care of yourself in 2014!

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