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HMF Probiotic 3 months

HMF Probiotic 3 months

Complete digestive reset!

Order the full 3 month treatment of HMF Probiotics and get it shipped straight to your door.

IMPORTANT! *We send you your order through the company which has a flat rate shipping cost of $9.75 per cart.
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    Start with 1⁄2 packet with the evening meal for 28 days. Expect some gas and/or bloating for the first few days and always take these probiotics with food. The second phase is the intensive and is 4 capsules per day, either all at one with breakfast or supper or 2 capsules twice daily. The final phase is Intensive and that can be taken with any meal of the day and can also be continued long term depending on your need and your digestive challenges. If in doubt, contact Dr.Brown regarding any need for long term use of probiotics.
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